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Triple-mode grid-balancing plants based on biomass gasification and
reversible solid-oxide cell stack: concept and performance

A paper in the scope of the W2W has been accepted by Applied Energy. It investigates the thermodynamic performance of the gasification based reversible solid-oxide stack system with power-to-methane capability, thus capable of providing grid-balancing services. It shows that the plant could reach high efficiency at all three modes of power generation, power storage and power neutral: up to 50–60% for the power generation mode, 72–76% for the power storage mode and 47–55% for the power neutral mode.
Written by: Ligang Wang, Yumeng Zhang, Chengzhou Li, Mar Pérez-Fortes, Tzu-En Lind, Yongping Yang, François Maréchal, Jan Van herle

Reversible solid-oxide cell stack based power-to-x-to-power systems:
Comparison of thermodynamic performance

A paper in the scope of W2W has been published in Applied Energy, which investigates the thermodynamic performances of reversible solid-oxide stack based power-to-x-to-power systems with a systematic optimization based evaluation method. It finds that the rank of round-trip efficiency: methane (47.5%) >syngas (43.3%) ≈ hydrogen (42.6%) > methanol (40.7%) > ammonia (38.6%). The pool of plant designs obtained lays the basis for the optimal deployment of this balancing technology for specific applications.
Written by: Ligang Wang, Yumeng Zhang, Mar Pérez-Fortes, Philippe Aubin, Tzu-En Lind, Yongping Yang, François Maréchal, Jan Van herle







Comparison of integrated fuel processing options for biogas-fed solid-oxide fuel cell plants

A paper derived from W2W D4.1 has been accepted by 100RES 2020 – Applied Energy Symposium (ICAE)

100% RENEWABLE: Strategies, technologies and challenges for a fossil free future. It investigates four plant layouts with different anode off-gas recirculation schemes and biogas reforming methods: (1) pre-reforming with hot recirculation (HR), (2) pre-reforming with cold recirculation (CR), (3) no pre-reforming and hot recirculation (NR), (4) partial oxidation with hot recirculation (PO). The results gives good guide to the practical design of the plant.
Written by: Shuai Ma, Gabriele Loreti, Ligang Wang, Andrea Luigi Facci, Stefano Ubertini, Changqing Dong, François Maréchal, Jan Van herle